Okanagan Irish Society

The Okanagan Irish Society is a registered non-profit Society and our constitution and by-laws are governed by the section B of the Society’s Act of British Columbia. Our mandate is to promote the Irish culture within the Canadian mosaic, look after our own in a non-political and non-sectarian manner.irish-knot-gflag

With our mandate in mind, we are fortunate to have many social events throughout the year. We have a St. Patrick’s celebration, a Christmas dinner and many pub nights where we gather together for dinner, a drink if you wish, tell stories, play our music and sing, in a very relaxed atmosphere.

Anyone interested in more information can contact Pearse Walsh at pearsewalsh@shaw.ca or (250) 718-1958.


Ceol na hEireann

Ceol-na-heireann is made up of members of the Okanagan Irish Society who enjoy playing and singing traditional as well as modern Irish songs and instrumentals. As part of the Okanagan Irish Society, we are dedicated to ensuring that the tradition of Irish music and song remains a living one and that it continues to be enjoyed by all ages.

We are fortunate to have five young people within our ranks, which is truly brilliant. To have young people wanting to play music and sing with us is what we are all about. We feel we are living our mandate with this addition to our group, besides which, they add greatly to the spirit of the Okanagan Irish Society.

There is a song for every county and town in Ireland. It will take a lifetime to know all of them, but the pleasure is in the seeking, not to mention the sharing with others the enjoyment of Irish music, wherever the spirit of the Irish is present.

Blakey Okanagan School of Irish Dance

The Blakey Okanagan School of Irish Dance is busy traveling all over Western Canada, the United States and Europe representing the Okanagan Valley in competition. We have dancers who have achieved great successes and have had a lot of fun doing it! Our dancers are as young as 5 years old and go up to age 22. These dancers attend classes on a weekly basis as well as perform all over the Okanagan at various charity and cultural events and as the entertainment at special occasions.

The Blakey Okanagan Irish Dancers do traditional Irish step dancing in both soft and hard shoe, solo and group performances. We have our year end show at the Kelowna Community Theatre each year on the last Sunday in May. Tickets go on sale in March and are available to purchase from the studio or by contacting Janice- 250-979-8653 or blakeyokanagan@gmail.com



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