About the Kelvern Celtic Society

Purpose as outlined in the Constitution.

(a) To provide an association dedicated to the enjoyment of Celtic music and dance.

(b)     To provide for the education and training of the residents of the Okanagan Valley and surrounding area in the performance of  Celtic music and dance.

(c)     To provide for the development of the appreciation of Celtic music and dance.

(d)     To provide recreational facilities of a cultural nature in the Okanagan and surrounding areas, for use by members of the society and others.

(e)     To own, operate, manage, and deal with property both real and personal, as may be required from time to time by the Society for that purpose herein set forth.

(f)     To establish, maintain, conduct, and promote among the members of the society and others, an interest in Celtic Culture.

Society Bylaws

Read them here: Kelvern Society Bylaws

Why join Kelvern?

The Kel(owna) Vern(on) Celtic Society.

So very many Canadians are descended from Scottish, Irish or Welsh immigrants to this country.   Hence, “Celtic”.  We treasure the musical traditions of those people who settled here. We embrace the values of hard work, education and loyalty.

Our good times together, whether through dance, piping and drumming or fiddling are highlights of each season. In the Okanagan valley, we celebrate our heritage in many ways through the activities of fourteen different groups, bands or organizations, under the umbrella of the “parent” organization, Kelvern Celtic Society.

Join us and be part of our Capri insurance experience.  Personal and liability insurance at much, much lower rates than you would pay as a single, stand alone organization.  Likely about 2/3 cheaper!  And storage insurance, too, if you have  equipment, uniforms, instruments etc that you value.

Our website invites you to explore, to browse, to study and to participate in our busy annual calendar of Celtic events. A broad spectrum of activities for young and for old. A continuum of tradition to enrich our lives and our memories.

Not Scottish or Irish? No problem. All are welcome. Try us on for size.  For more information email info@kelvernceltic.ca.


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